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The research is clear - music is great for you!  Learn in a friendly, safe and supportive environment where the individual needs of each student are nurtured and developed.  

Students have access to a wide range of resources and experiences to provide them with an exciting and fun music education.  Parents can attend free workshops held throughout the year designed to help them support the budding musician in their home.

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Parent Workshop - Supporting Beginning Students


Thursday 02/06/16 6:30pm - 7:30pm

Saturday 04/06/16 3:00pm to 4:00pm

What we'll be learning:

  • Piano Basics (examples: what and where is middle C, finger numbers, how do I find "that" note, decoding note reading)
  • What to do when my child gets "stuck"
  • Practice - it can be fun - promise! (learning "how" to practice, establishing great habits, encouraging and motivating kids to practice)
  • Supporting, Encouraging and Motivating creative kids to play and learn
  • Resources for making learning music even more fun and encouraging your kids to get the most out of their lessons 
  • Using My Music Staff to access your account, change personal information, cancel or reschedule lessons, access free resources to download 


The purpose of the workshop is to support you!  As a mum of four, when my children bring home maths homework, I don't always know how to help them (things seem to have changed a lot from when I was at school or I have forgotten a lot!).  I look at their work sometimes and hide under the closest table!  I often find myself wishing there were workshops to show parents like me how to help and support the kids correctly in what they are learning with tips and tricks to take the battle out of homework and introduce a fun, relaxed approach to supporting their education.  I'm hoping to bring this to you in this initial workshop to support your child's music education.

Depending on how successful it is, I'm happy to do more in the future with specific focus areas.  You are welcome to bring along family/friends who may have children learning instruments - this workshop is piano based but anyone is welcome to attend.  It's important for me to know the number of people interested, so I can ensure that there is plenty of space and adequate resources.  If it's just a few people at a time, I'll have the workshop in my home.  If there is more interest and additional space is needed, I'm happy to book space at the Forest Lake Community House.  Please note, children are welcome to attend but classroom rules will apply (listening ears, watching quietly, lovely manners, sitting with the group, taking turns etc) - it won't be a lesson for them and they may find it a little boring.

Digital resources will be available after the workshops - so if you can't make it but would like the information, please let me know.  I may even get over my fear of appearing on video, and film sections for you to watch at your leisure.  It's a great opportunity to come along, meet other parents and ask questions and provide feedback  :)  I'd love to see you there.

I'm planning a recital in July (after school holidays) so that you can invite family and friends to hear the beautiful music your child is playing.  More to come on this soon!!

Please RSVP your interest by Monday 30th of May.  The events are set up in the studio calendar - you can access this by logging in with your parent username and password. Why not try registering yourself online by clicking on the event and adding yourself!  

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Forest Lake Community Choir

We're a relaxed, fun group of singers who meet up each Friday night to finish off the work week with some songs and laughs.  No audition required - just come along and have fun.  Singers of all ages and abilities welcome.  We'd love to see you there!

Where: Forest Lake Community House, 3 Alpine Street, Forest Lake

When: Friday nights - 6:30pm to 7:30pm

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